Six-year-old, pony gelding with peri-orbital, fibroblastic sarcoid.

This patient presented with a large, ulcerated, rapidly-growing, fibroblastic sarcoid situated on the upper lid of the right eye. Given the delicate anatomy of the site at which the tumour was developing, there was a very considerable concern that there was insufficient tissue with which to obtain a safe, “clean”, surgical margin in order to prevent the sarcoid’s regrowth. It was therefore decided to increase that margin with adjunctive PDT.

Immediately prior to surgery
20 weeks after surgery

The carbon dioxide laser surgery was conducted under general anaesthesia and the subsequent PDT was performed under standing sedation. The surgical wound healed well and without complication. Within 20 weeks of the procedure, there was no indication that surgery had been performed at the site; the cosmetic appearance was excellent, with neither scarring nor contraction, and the patient retained full anatomic functionality to the structures surrounding the eye. At follow-up, 18 months later, the pony remained in remission.