We treat hundreds of horses a year with sarcoids.
    The state of the art equipment allows us to laser around nodular sarcoids to completely and effectively remove them.


Sarcoids and other skin tumours, such as melanoma and squamous
cell carcinoma, are a common problem in horses, ponies and donkeys.
They are often unsightly and may also interfere with the patient’s ability
to be worked.
In the most serious cases, these tumours may impair the animal’s quality
of life and even prove life-threatening.

Sarcoid Surgery

Offers a referral service to UK veterinary surgeons, enabling cases to be seen and treated at the owner’s own, local veterinary practice or, in some cases, the owner’s yard. We have a wealth of experience of treating all equine skin tumours, including sarcoid, melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, mast cell tumour (mastocytoma), spindle cell tumours and basal cell carcinoma.